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Honeywell Evohome, the Rolls Royce of smart heating control.

82% of energy consumed in your home is used by heating and hot water, in light of this Honeywell have a range of connected products that have been designed to reduce your heating bills by up to 40%. With consumers becoming more aware of increasing energy costs and market advancements in ecological solutions, it has become essential for the homeowner to recognise innovative technology that aids not only in saving money, but also reducing the energy we use on a daily basis.

At the heart of the Honeywell connected system is the Evohome wifi, this is your programmer and where all settings are stored to control the heating and hot water system, whilst also doubling up as the connection interface between the internet and Smartphone. It provides the user with a simple, intuitive and beautiful interface that offers the best in smart heating control. Check out the video below that explains how it works in more detail.

The idea behind the system is based on a zoning principle and is best described by using the lighting in your house as an example. When at home, you don't turn your lights on and off from one switch, they are independently controlled in each room of the house when that room is in use. To have all the lights on when you are just in the Kitchen for example would needlessly be a waste of energy and money, so why do a large majority of homes do exactly this with their heating system? This is where the Evohome comes into its own.

By creating zones you effectively are providing independent control of the heat in each room of your house, exactly like the light switches around your home. To add another element of control, Honeywell have developed a free downloadable app that works with the current smart phones and tablets operating systems below

  • iOS 7.0 or above

  • Android 4.1 or above

The app provides you with total control anywhere in the world from the mobile device that you know and love. This allows you to access your heating system from the palm of your hand enabling you to turn on your hot water for that perfect relaxing bath after a long day from the coffee shop in town, or heat downstairs ready for that late night dinner party all on your way back from work.

To summarize, it is about time that we as homeowners look at ways in which our busy lives can be made more comfortable and easier by implementing smarter, innovative technology to look after our homes heating and electrical systems. Make your home work for you, save you money and allow it to give you simple control, leaving you to enjoy the precious free time you have in your diary.

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