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Happy Halloween

With the Autumn night's drawing in and evenings getting darker make sure you're not going bump in the night, a light outside of your property not only increases the safety and security of your home but adds comfort and style.

With so many lights on offer in today's market let us select a few quality outdoor products that we simply love using. First and foremost energy consumption plays a huge role in deciding which light to choose, we highly recommend LED (Light emitting diode) as it far outweighs conventional lighting options due to its largely increased longevity and up to 90% energy savings when compared with its halogen counterpart.

Secondly, motion sensor control gives further energy savings but also provides you with automatic lighting for when you need it most. PIR sensors detect the infrared radiation emitted or reflected from an object which in turn sends a signal to switch on the connected devices. A single sensor can switch on multiple lights upon detection of movement.

Now on to the line up.

Below is Steinel's L265S, a designer sensor-switched outdoor light, ideal for building entrances and building fronts, 360° angle of coverage, sensor reach up to 8 m, LED light corona for illuminating your house number or name, with a main light above that activates when movement is detected.

Simply smart and twice as stylish. Designer sensor-switched outdoor light L 810 LED iHF provides impressive illumination as an up and downlighter. The resultant lighting effect enhances any building wall, any entrance area and any garden wall. The purist-looking designer light is fitted with 12,5 W power LEDs that generate a brightness of 612 lm with an invitingly warm white colour temperature of 3,000 K. The energy-efficient LEDs require no maintenance whatsoever, and theres never any need to change bulbs either. Because LED life expectancy is around 50,000 h, thats over 20 years. So, opting for LED light is also a decision that brings high cost efficiency. But the actual revolution remains invisible: the first ever HF-sensor with 160° coverage angle to be fully integrated in the base of the LED outdoor light. It "sees" any movement over a maximum distance of 5 m regardless of temperature.

The XLed Home 3 is the big brotherto sensor-switched LED floodlight -XLed Home 1. It makes eyes light up and turns night into day. And all with sensationally low energy consumption. Because the combination of LED technology with an installed power output of just 18 W (the equivalent of approx. 300 W of halogen) and precision sensor control cuts energy consumption by up to 90 %. As this LED floodlight emits only a fraction of the heat conventional halogen floodlights do, it can also be installed without a problem under porches from where it bathes driveways, courtyards and gardens in powerful LED light. STEINELs patented Active Thermo Control system additionally protects the floodlight from overheating. With its light panel that turns through 180° and tilts through 120°, the XLed Home 3 can be aimed exactly as required.

If you would like any further information on outdoor lights and sensors or would like for us to provide you with an estimate for installing lighting please use the contact us page on our website.

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