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Electric vehicle charge point 

We install EVCP's that have exceptional build quality and performance made using only quality materials. We can provide you with advice from the point of enquiry, a quality installation which is fully certified and support following on from installation through its lifetime, affording you the best charging solution for your vehicle.
Solar Panels in Mountains

Solar PV

We offer a fully integrated solar array installation service for homes and businesses. We only install the highest quality photovoltaic (PV) systems, ensuring that you receive the maximum energy output for your solar array over the greatest period of time . We also provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for existing solar systems.

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Battery Storage 

Our battery storage solutions provide you with the energy independence you need, with the added convenience of being fully managed through our advanced automation systems. Our systems are designed to monitor and control your energy usage, allowing you to make the most efficient use of your stored energy. With our systems, you can have peace of mind that your energy needs are being taken care of.

Solar Panels

"An automated energy management system is the pinnacle of efficiency in renewables"  

Energy management simplified 

With a focus on energy management and automation we specialise in providing innovative solutions to make your home or business more energy efficient, combining all renewable generation options and harnessing that free energy in the most beneficial and economical way.   Through automation and monitoring systems, energy management is automatically controlled allowing you to enjoy the convenience and cost savings

Too much surplus solar energy?

An excess solar energy management system helps you to save valuable energy and thus reduce the energy costs of the building. We can build systems that are capable of harnessing the self-produced electricity of any solar panels optimally. Any electrical device can be included in the energy management.

Whether that’s battery storage, electric cars, washing machines, heat pumps or freezers, all electrical devices in the building can be controlled depending on the required power.

With automation, we can operate your building as economically as possible.

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Quality made by experts

Simpson & Partners are a family run business, based in the Cotswolds who create electric vehicle charge points that set industry standards for design, user experience and build quality. We at smart home innovations are proud to be an approved installer of such a prestigious manufacturer in the EV world. 

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Create your perfect EV charger 

Please use our tool below to customise materials and colour choices along with compatible accessories to complement your new Simpson & Partners EV charger

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