Large cross-sectional area of high purity copper conductors ensures good performance levels are maintained even on longer runs. Sequentially metre marked - counting down so you always know what you have left on the reel or in the box. Colour-coded conductor sheathsFully tested LSZH DesignFull test report available on requestRoHS2 CompliantSupplied in 100m (328ft) PRObox & on 300m (984ft) reel

QED Professional QX16/4 LSZH 4 Core Installation Speaker Cable

  • Most cables feature PVC insulation, some have a basic fire rating such as CL3, etc. Unfortunately, most cables give off hazardous   toxic smoke during a fire, posing a very serious health risk. 


    LSZH cables are made from a special compound that performs as well as PVC insulation, but crucially gives off very little smoke and no         halogen toxins in the event of a fire.
    Many leading architects and builders along with commercial and        marine designers are now specifying LSZH spec cables as standard.

    Only LSZH cables meet the legislated fire specifications for boat           installations.


    Each complete QED Professional cable design is fully tested to LSZH  standards and reports are available on request. 
    We don't just use a fire rated jacket material over an ordinary cable     assembly; each complete cable design including jacket and all internal conductors has to undergo rigorous fire safety testing to the following standards:

    IEC 61034-1:2005
    IEC 61034-2:2005
    Measurement of smoke density of cables burning
    under defined conditions.

    IEC 60332-1:2004
    Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable.

    IEC 60754-2:1991
    (Amendment1, 1997) test on gas evolved during combustion of          electric cables.